Consider Your Breath


Consider your breath,
the taking in
the pouring out.
Consider that it is
not yours alone
but is shared
with all life
and has been
and will be
for all time.
Then consider
with reverence
the Spirit’s breath
breathing creation
and honor anew
your living bond
with All.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

9 thoughts on “Consider Your Breath

  1. Hi! Loved reading your posts! Btw, sorry to disturb you, I’m new to WP do you think you could check out my blog and leave a comment. I’d love some help from someone more experienced as you! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I once went to a talk by David Suzuki who spoke of this, that we are breathing the same air as the Buddha or Christ. I love that we share it with everything on the planet. There is something awesome in that! Thanks

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