Until I become aware…

Until I become aware
of the non-stop cascading
of unsolicited thoughts
and feelings,
the ego’s stealth
in defending its
survival and control,
and the fact that I can
exercise real choices
concerning the above,
my spiritual practice
will continue to limp along
and bump into walls.

© 2017 Dennis Ference

The Dentist

(A whimsical look at the search
for the true Self with a playful nod
to Walt Whitman’s “O Captain!
My Captain!”)

O Dentist! My Dentist!
what do you see?
Tongue, teeth alone
or the very soul of me?

Peering down
that warm, dark shaft,
your mindless chatter
creates a draft.

If a captive’s cry
you hear within,
lower some floss
and rescue him.

For how he longs
to be set free
by anyone, including
the likes of thee.

© 2006 Dennis Ference