Mystery of Things

So, when after having made every effort to understand, we are ready to take upon ourselves the mystery of things, then the most trivial of happenings is touched by wonder, and there may come to us, by grace, a moment of unclouded vision.

~ Helen M. Luke

Haven’t written…

Haven’t blogged for awhile
and may not blog again.
Entering a new adventure and challenge called pancreatic cancer. All words pale in the mystery of it that sends me deeper into the Mystery of God. Blessings to all. You may yet see my words here again. Peace.

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This Thing Called Grace

You need this,
she said unexpectedly,
peering into my troubled eyes,
this woman, this casual acquaintance,
apparently aware of my circumstance,
the one which had been draining,
straining, and mercilessly
maiming me.
The days ground on
and her words kept rattling,
reverberating in my abused brain
like the endless taunts
of a childhood bully.
But as I continued
to encounter “my circumstance,”
these “taunts” gradually morphed into a mantra
and letting go became a little easier each day,
sleep a little sounder,
and I began to understand
surrender as if for the first time
and to celebrate anew this mystery,
this thing called grace.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

Saving Grace

To all who, like me, slowly
and with unconscious stealth,
maneuver to take back control
after they have experienced
God’s saving grace,
do not be so foolish
as to think you will ever be
without the need for that grace.

© 2015 Dennis Ference



On an ocean named “Impossible”
only the trusting and pliant
are graced to walk on water.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

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