Spiritual Transformation

…the recipe for spiritual transformation is basically the same all over:
surrender, attention, compassion. One way or another, you will pass through
the same eye of the needle no matter what path you’re on.

~ Cynthia Bourgault

Spiritual Journey

If you are on a genuine spiritual journey
sooner or later you must ask yourself
can I truly love my enemies,
those who would do me harm.

Do not look for an answer from the ego
which is so adept at deception and guile.
Look rather to your True Self
where you are one with the Creator
and let the Spirit chart the course
for the total unfolding in you
of the Mystery of Love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

Prophet of Peace

Learn to know and love yourself
with all your imperfections,
to let go with gentleness,
rather than to extricate
  with violence,
those doings that pain
self and neighbor,
to see in all that is present
the Presence of God,
and thus be transformed
for a troubled world
into a genuine prophet of peace.

© 2017 Dennis Ference

Fellow Blogger…

Fellow blogger,
do you not marvel
at what you have done?
You have harnessed a singular energy burst
from deep within, honed and refined it
and with a few clicks of a keyboard
sent it to the other side of the world
to streak across a distant starry night
announcing I, too, am Life.

© 2015 Dennis Ference