Submission to the Spirit

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Prayer faithfully punctuated
by submission to the Spirit
opens the floodgates to grace
which carries us relentlessly onward
to the depths of the cleansing,
healing waters of Divine Love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo: © 2015 Lily Brock



When the last
of your petitions
mercifully drains
from your prayer
like a final needy tear
falling from your cheek,
you are ripe, then,
for the emptiness
of surrender into Oneness
with the Divine.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

This Friend You Love

This friend you love
is bleeding inside
and you dare not
staunch the flow.
Her heart is breaking,
but it must break often
if she is to find her way.

Does she say her world
is falling apart? Old worlds
must fall apart before
new worlds can be born.
Does she say that life
is more than she can bear?
She is stronger than either
of you can know.

Walk with her but do not
steer her down your path.
Talk with her but do not
write her script.

Dance with her,
just dance with her now
to the silent, healing music,
the Oneness of Love.

© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted without pic 6/16/14.)

Let Love Lead You

Good stuff worth a read by anyone engaged in the “peaks and valleys” of life.

Bill Tonnis Ministries


Exodus 14:12

“Did we not tell you this in Egypt, when we said, ‘Leave us alone. Let us serve the Egyptians’? Far better for us to be the slaves of the Egyptians than to die in the desert.”

How many times in our lives does it seem that just when things go well…something happens to pull the proverbial rug out from under us? Many times it’s then when we rail against God for supposedly leaving us. The Israelites were jubilant in following Moses out of Egypt after hundreds of years of captivity until Pharaoh changed his mind about releasing them and sent hundreds of Egyptian soldiers after them in the desert. So the Israelites turned on Moses and on God in despair. There are peaks and valleys in our lives. Hard times can come due to the free will choices we make or others make…or just by chance. The story of salvation history shows us…

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