Haven’t written…

Haven’t blogged for awhile
and may not blog again.
Entering a new adventure and challenge called pancreatic cancer. All words pale in the mystery of it that sends me deeper into the Mystery of God. Blessings to all. You may yet see my words here again. Peace.

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If we choose to live
the deaths of our lives,
small and large,
if we are present to them,
breathe into them,
not gorging on nor eschewing
our suffering and tears,
they may become our teachers
and reveal themselves to be
part of the great work
of transformation which unveils
   the mystery
of our true self in God.

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo by Anna Eastland

Winter Strains


God of all generations,
in silence I hear your voice
echoing forth from deepest recesses
where flesh dances with spirit
and is suckled by mysteries divine.

It awakens in me a familiar longing–
a hunger for rest and peace
and refuge from angry, counter winds
that shake and rattle an aging heart
still struggling to be free.

And in night’s pause, yet I am courted
by promise of fire and light,
by treasure eager to be discovered
as gift for those who seek your love,
as love you gift to all.

It is the season, now, for deepest truths;
for surrendering fancy and fad;
for transcending hurts that bind and smother;
and listening carefully above the din
for the song that leads me home,
the timeless song of home.

© 2005 Dennis Ference

My Calling

It is my calling
to discover
and fully be
the True Self
that is me.
And even now,
when I am able
to submit to that call,
shedding, if only briefly,
that which impedes it,
I gratefully sip
from that luscious
wine of freedom,
intoxicated by
the blend of harmony
and peace.

© 2014 Dennis Ference