The Favor of Fear


Before you surrender
your fears, you must believe
you can surrender your fears.
Before you can believe you can
surrender your fears, you must
want to surrender your fears.
Before you can want to surrender
your fears, you must feel them
crushing you and choking you.
And after you have felt this,
may you one day come to know
that fear has done you a favor.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

A Fire Inside

The truth
of who you are
is a fire inside
ignited and fueled
by the Mystery of Love.
Do you yearn
to feel the heat
and its power
to transform?
Learn to be still and
silent. Do you long
to divine your callings
and paths? Learn
to listen and wait.
And in your yearning
do not turn from
your wounds and fears
but dare to suffer them
as you surrender
all to the fire that
longs to burn brightly
as a torch blazing
the wholeness of you.

© 2015 Dennis Ference



(Feelings that we let define us,
will often cruelly confine us.

When I become aware
of the gulf separating
“I am afraid” from
“I am feeling afraid,”
I take a big step
on the road to

© 2014 Dennis Ference

Fears and Hostilities


Our fears and hostilities,
if not let go of
in due season,
may begin to think
they own us,
and staking a claim
in the far recesses
of our souls,
try to manipulate us
to do their bidding.

© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted without pic 11/25/14.)