In the economy
of prayer,
“yes” is the
gold standard.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

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I will both lie down and sleep in peace;
for you alone, O Lord, make me lie
down in safety.
       (Psalm 4:8)

Often, O Lord,
on this journey of life,
I feel like I’m walking
   a tightrope
with miles of emptiness below
and no one to catch me
and nothing to hold on to.

I reach for and grasp at
promises of security
that pop up all around me,
though they fade like the wind
when I truly need them
to give me direction
and steady my step.
But it is you alone
who are my true security;
it is you alone
who will take my hand
to travel every step with me
in answer to the cry
that comes out of my fear
of walking this way alone.

And with this truth
to console and comfort,
I surrender my anxiety,
and I take my rest.

by Dennis Ference
© 2000 Liguori Publications
(First posted without pic 10/30/14.)

Taken from Psalm Prayers for Seniors by Dennis Ference. Available from Liguori Publications, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, and other ebook sources.

The Spirit said to me,

in the first instant of your being
I laid a burden on you,
which, if you now accept it
by the power of my grace,
can be for you as light
as a billowing cloud.

You see, I desire your arms
to be my arms, open
wide for all in need of
forgiveness and compassion.
your legs to be my legs,
carrying you to where
there is a need
for your special gifts.
your hands to be my hands,
creating beauty to inspire
and delight, your fingers
to be my fingers, pointing
to the paths of truth and
reconciliation, your heart
to be my heart, flowing
with love like a fountain
over a dry, brittle,
cynical world.

You, perhaps, are confused
that I call this burden light.
It can be light because
burdens are made heavy
by anxiety over control
and results. But I tell you
this day, that if you choose
to embrace this vision, control
and results will be mine to bear,
and you, my friend, can go forth
in peace.

© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted 9/14/14 without pic.)