Wellspring of Goodness

(An excerpt from the inspirational blog of Bill Tonnis. Check it out at http://www.billtonnismusic.com/.)

The beautiful sunrise; Singing birds; Blue skies; The mind-boggling, expanding size of the universe; A warm hug; Laughter with a friend; The savory taste of your favorite food; The fragrant aroma of flowers; The emotional sounds of your favorite songs; The feeling you get when someone reaches out to you with compassion or forgiveness; What other sign do we need that there is a Loving Source behind it all? Why not drop any cynicism and simply believe? Deep down…there is a Love that refuses to let us go. It is the source of our deep yearning for unconditional acceptance and love. Abide in this never-ending wellspring of Goodness.

~Bill Tonnis

If It’s Only By Crying…

A beautiful poetic rendering of the world’s need for compassion.

Just East Of Crazy Land


If it’s only by crying
that I can understand
the tears of others
then let me wear them like pearls

If it’s only by losing hope
that I can bring it to others
then let it fly away

If it’s only by breaking my heart
that it can become
big enough to hold everyone
break it

If it’s only by my desolation
that I can walk the valley of grief
with others
then strip me bare

Let my fragility bring others courage
my vulnerability, strength

And from my emptiness
let Your light burst forth
and shine

Lead us through the valley of grief
because if we walk it together
it will bring us Home


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Love Transforms

Good stuff! Just had to pass it along.

Bill Tonnis Ministries

Psalm 104:30
When you send forth your breath, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth.

All things belong to God. All things have their being in God. God breathes and life comes forth. Everything is sustained by God’s desire. This Loving Source is always creating, redeeming and renewing. Creation is on-going in each moment and you are a part of that process. The aim of this process…is goodness. Allow God’s compassionate desire to fill you. What is the “good” that your Loving Creator wishes you to do to renew the face of the earth? First off, be you! No one else can make the unique contribution that you can. Give of yourself as Jesus did to serve others. Use your gifts, talents and abilities to channel Love to the world. Make a difference with your life.

Suggested song of the day–…

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