A Leap of Faith

A relentless need
to control his world
coils around him
like a constrictor snake,
silently wrapping itself
around his thoughts,
emotions, and dreary deeds.
Sometimes its skin
is colored the green of envy,
sometimes the red of angry
judgement and blame.
Over the days and years,
little by little, bit by bit,
this snake has squeezed the joy
out of his breath, strangled
the spontaneity from his arms
and legs, reduced his life
to a lonely yardstick, worn
and cracked from constant
measuring against impossible
standards, deadly demands.

Yet a tiny, inextinguishable fire
continues to burn in his belly,
and more and more now he winces
at its sparks. Can it be
that life is more forgiving
than he has known?
Can it be that surrender
to a mystery so much greater
than the gods our
fears and pride create
can truly unlock the door
to a peace he thought only
a dreamer’s dream?

Now as the sun edges behind
the dazzling luster of autumn,
his heart takes him to the edge
of the sheer cliff of a choice
he never knew was his to make.
And unknown to him, Love
waits in the wind to faithfully
carry him home.

© 2014 Dennis Ference



It matters not
how often we step
to podiums draped
in flags of arrogance
to justify war, violence
and murder of the innocent,
it is true and will remain
true forever, that
“God is love, and
the one who abides in love
abides in God, and
God in him.” (1 John 16b)

© 2014 Dennis Ference

(First posted without pic 8/22/14.)