If we choose to live
the deaths of our lives,
small and large,
if we are present to them,
breathe into them,
not gorging on nor eschewing
our suffering and tears,
they may become our teachers
and reveal themselves to be
part of the great work
of transformation which unveils
   the mystery
of our true self in God.

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo by Anna Eastland

The Spirit’s Love Song


We are not called
to mourn our fragility
or tearfully lament
our weakness
but to surrender it all
to the Spirit and rejoice
as she writes with it
her sacred Love song

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo: © 2014 Lily Brock

Prayer of Thanks

At this moment, Lord,
all I want to do
is thank you.

Every part of me
swells with gratitude
for the goodness and mercy
you have shown to your child.

You have been my light
through the darkest of days.
You have been my strength
when I’ve battled distress.
You have been my sure path
out of the shadows.
You have been my companion
at my journey’s every turn.

And still today,
you continue to enfold me
and blanket my littleness
with the mantle of your might.

Your goodness astounds me;
your love overwhelms me.
At this moment, Lord,
all I want to do
is thank you.

Adapted from Psalm Prayers for Seniors,
by Merging Traffic blog author Dennis Ference,
© 2000 Liguori Publications. Available from Liguori,
Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.