Prayer of Thanks

At this moment, Lord,
all I want to do
is thank you.

Every part of me
swells with gratitude
for the goodness and mercy
you have shown to your child.

You have been my light
through the darkest of days.
You have been my strength
when I’ve battled distress.
You have been my sure path
out of the shadows.
You have been my companion
at my journey’s every turn.

And still today,
you continue to enfold me
and blanket my littleness
with the mantle of your might.

Your goodness astounds me;
your love overwhelms me.
At this moment, Lord,
all I want to do
is thank you.

Adapted from Psalm Prayers for Seniors,
by Merging Traffic blog author Dennis Ference,
© 2000 Liguori Publications. Available from Liguori,
Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

17 thoughts on “Prayer of Thanks

      • Thanks, Dennis! Being those wild Canadians from the north we have already retreated into our ❄️ snow caves ❄️after celebrating it earlier in October…😉 No, just kidding! Only rain so far whee I am. Anyway, have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family, too! All the best!
        Anna 😄

      • Didn’t know you were Canadians. My parents were from Canada. I went to a couple years of high school and college there. I remember celebrating my first Canadian Thanksgiving without it registering in my head that the celebration date wasn’t the same as in the States. Totally confused. Well I guess my holiday greeting to you has to postdated. 😊

      • That’s ok! ☺️ what fun you have Canadian parents! I hope you have a beautiful holiday. We were so happy this year…it was a lot easier to give thanks than last year right after we lost Josephine on September 30th. My husband also finished his accounting courses and has a little more time to spend with the kids now after work. And of course our baby son has arrived safely So many things to give thanks for all the time!

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