Spiritual Journey

If you are on a genuine spiritual journey
sooner or later you must ask yourself
can I truly love my enemies,
those who would do me harm.

Do not look for an answer from the ego
which is so adept at deception and guile.
Look rather to your True Self
where you are one with the Creator
and let the Spirit chart the course
for the total unfolding in you
of the Mystery of Love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

11 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey

  1. I remember C S Lewis talking about a room-mate who was pretty much unlovable. He was so torn about this that he asked God to love the person for him. Lewis says he didn’t notice much difference, but when the person was leaving at the end of the year he thanked Lewis for being such a good friend. I thought of this when I was struggling to deal with someone who had badly hurt someone I loved very much. I asked God to love that person for me, and all the bitterness disappeared. I’m not saying I now want to spend time with that person, but at least I’m not poisoned by hate…

  2. I was just wondering today if the ego is getting a bad wrap? I think we’re all stuck with Mr. Ego for good or bad. So, maybe it’s best to learn to live with it so long as we’re aware of it’s nature. Then we can laugh. Maybe then, too, we’ll realize the only enemy that needs our love is the one in the mirror.

    • I totally agree that “it’s best to live with it so long as we we’re aware of it’s nature.” And, indeed, that allows us to laugh at ourselves. What all that asks, I believe, is that we do not mistake the ego for the whole self. That can result in defending it at all costs. I appreciate your comment and contribution. Peace! ~Dennis

  3. I was rereading a Daily Dharma on forgiveness this morning and your post enhanced its meaning. I am struggling right now with forgiving myself and a friend. I think it is easier for me to forgive my friend. I needed this post today, Dennis.

  4. The true definition of universal love, must first be something to address. The accepted form of it is distorted with billions of invisible segregations. When in tune with the True Self, Golden grain, One would come to see that our enemy is I and I am he. Understanding is the stirrer of love, great write

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