Before the Sun Rises


Each day, before the sun rises
I cast my lot with the believers–
those who have come to know
that there is a Source within
from which all things emerge,

which does not play
by our rules and constraints.
It is Mystery, sometimes
soothing mother, often
maddening jokester,
always larger than our vision
of what it should be.

When I awake, the birds
are still voiceless, the streets
not yet in rhythm with the duties
and desires of their denizens.
I sip from a steaming cup
to melt away the remnants
of the night’s lethargy and
burrow slowly into the stillness
of naked Being where
I listen and wait.

This is the place where
deeper meanings are discerned
and commitments are forged.
This is the place where healings
are announced and poems
are conceived. And for those
who would bow and surrender,
this is the grace of the Sacred
Now—divine and human
breathing as One.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

33 thoughts on “Before the Sun Rises

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    When single people get awake they might feel lonely in bed. They may feel emptiness in their life. They migh think they are there in that huge world of enemies, standing on their own facing so many difficulties.
    They should become aware of the small things which change every day and get to see the beauty of nature giving life every day over and over again.
    Even when awakening when the birds are still voiceless while the streets are not yet in rhythm with the duties and desires of their denizens, we should come to feel the blood streaming and the forces which give life to so many livinging things around us, plants, animals and other human beings.
    Whilst we sip from a nice cup of coffee, our minds should come ordered to believe we can do it again this new day.
    br>Let us be ready to tackle the day again and move forward, in the knowledge we do have Somebody very close to us.
    That many people their eyes may be opened and get to see the One behind all the beauty around us. that they come to recognise the Master Hand of the Divine Creator, Who gives life.

    • I’m moved by your insight and grateful for your support. I want you to know that my busy life prevents me from spending much time reading other people’s blogs except for a few that typically contain short posts. But I sense a profound spirit within you and sincerely wish you much joy, love and peace! ~Dennis

      • I appreciate you saying so. And it impacts me deeply that someone I barely know, people far away, can connect with the essence of life across this wide world. We have to continue to band energies together with prayer and thanksgiving, and remain open to others, close to the Spirit in these times. Yes, the feeling is mutual, Dennis. My soul-centered best to you, as well, fellow pilgrim! Cynthia

  2. Thank you, Dennis, for expressing so beautifully the power of — and need for — stillness in those waking moments. Many blessings on your gift of writing.

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  5. Beautiful poetry, Dennis. The picture accompanies your words to invite me to enter the morning time before the world awakes and share a sense of infinite mystery that is as close as a heartbeat.

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