…there is a season


To everything
there is a season,
and a time
for every purpose
under heaven. Ecc.3:1

O God of the Journey, your gift of life unfolds
in seasons to reveal the mystery and depth
of your love.

You ask us to bend with the winds and rivers
of change so that we may continue to reflect
the infinite variety of your Being.

Open us to the grace of the moment
so that we may never cease thanking you
and being a blessing
for those with whom we dwell.
And in every cross and triumph to come,
may our faith lead us, without fail,
to know your presence intimately
and to experience the joy and beauty of your peace. Amen

© 2015 Dennis Ference

4 thoughts on “…there is a season

    • Thank you so much. Looks like you’re into the launch of your blog. May it be a blessing to you and to many. If the 1st post as any indication, I’m sure it will be.

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