And if I write…


And if I write my fears,
hurts and despair,
I do so to throw off
their covers and expose
them to the morning sun
that it may sap them
of their strength
to suck my life dry.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

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It matters not
how often we step
to podiums draped
in flags of arrogance
to justify war, violence
and murder of the innocent,
it is true and will remain
true forever, that
“God is love, and
the one who abides in love
abides in God, and
God in him.” (1 John 16b)

© 2014 Dennis Ference

(First posted without pic 8/22/14.)

mortal wound


all our chronic
compulsive cleaving
good     and      bad
rich       and     poor
left        and     right
black    and     white
right     and     wrong

threatens to inflict
on our world
a mortal wound
that only a Divine
love can heal

© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted without pic 10/29/14.)


(A question for all to ponder:
what do you make of suffering?)


Ethereal repository of secrets
encrypted in black and gray,
worlds spin on your revelations,
histories hinge on your stark display.

You are elevated by priest-like hands
with a hush into a somber electric sky,
drawing to yourself a reverent stare,
rendering futile the merciful lie.

And while the news is kind this day,
still I bleed with the world’s suffering masses
grieving: This is my body broken for you,
bread for your sacred remembrances.

© 2015 Dennis Ference