Nature’s Way

(The art of living in the Now is, perhaps,
best discovered, not on our gadgets or in our
lecture halls, but in the simple contemplation
of Nature’s Way.)

Squirrel on a Wire

Dozens of poles
streak the landscape
like fingers poking the sky,
rigid, arrogant poking,
festooned with wires
that carry the hum
of human magic there
to here, here to there,
into a silent, faceless

Softly, now,
blood-red sunset
framing her form,
a lone squirrel deftly
journeys the wires
without flair or show,
suddenly pausing,
at rest, while time holds
its breath and a fragile world
frets over who will kindle
      the dawn.

© 2006 Dennis Ference

The Oak Outside My Window

The Oak Outside My Window

Your naked limbs tremble,
roused by winter’s chilled breath,
blanched by its frigid embrace;
your bent, spindly fingers reach
trustingly outward, blind
to nature’s careless ways.
On your trunk, scars map
the pruning that breaks and
shapes you to another’s design;
and on top, an empty nest,
the crowning reminder you serve
others who ignore your desire
and scorn your consent.

Strange, how long we’ve been
neighbors and never really talked.

© 2005 Dennis Ference
(First published in Poetry from Page to Stage: A Milwaukee Public Library Poetry Chapbook)