Little Pink Sock

Little pink sock on the basement stair,
Her mother dropped you unaware
You’d remain forever split from your mate,
Kept secretly by Grandma in this captive state.

Little pink sock for her little pink toes,
Only a grandmother can really know
That this is why here you must stay:
To work your magic on those dark, lonely days.

© 2007 Dennis H. Ference (First posted on 7/31/14)


what if…

(Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s
painting, Crying Girl)

what if I could paint my life
into a comic strip

what if I could grow muscles
super-hero huge

what if I could banish my bald pate
with a lavish flurry of the brush

what if I could choose any age
to garnish this basic body

what if I could charge the heavens
to grant every wish and whim

what if I could slay all fears
with a single slice of the will

what if I could splice these neurons
to the wisdom of Solomon

what if I could seduce all comers
to admire or envy or maybe even love

what if I could paint my life
into a comic strip

would I still cry sometimes
would I still feel alone

© 2006 Dennis Ference