For Spiritual Seekers

Read this as a sincere spiritual Seeker of any tradition and you will benefit much.

Find Your Middle Ground

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“The gospel of self realization, once heard, will never be forgotten.
Like a seed left in the ground, it will wait for the right season and sprout and grow into a mighty tree.”

~ “I Am That” Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Self realization is a state in which an individual knows who they truly are and is fulfilled in that understanding.

What it means to each of us can vary.
For me, it manifested itself in an understanding that I am part of the loving Source within all beings and nature.

Others may call it a connection to God, or recognize that the Divine or Jesus is always within them. Yet, others may see it in a more scientific way, and consider it a fulfillment of all the possibilities of an individual’s personality and character.

Many of us have been Seekers for years. We…

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Our challenge today…


Our challenge today is to trust the power of love at the heart of life, to let ourselves be seized by love, to create and invent ways for love to evolve into a global wholeness of unity, compassion, justice, and peacemaking.

~ Ilia Delio



legs will serve a runner well
in faithful transportation
but legs should never be called upon
to guarantee blood’s circulation

the ego may serve a person well
if freed for love and loving favors
but ego is a tragic thing
when strutting as another’s savior

© 2014 Dennis Ference

The wise dance…


The wise dance
in a meadow of gratitude.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

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Willingness for Spiritual Growth

A desire and willingness
for mature spiritual growth
will first guide you to an awareness
of the Spirit within you,
then to the Spirit within all others,
all living creatures, and finally,
within every particle and energy
of the entire universe.

© 2017 Dennis Ference

“Unresolvable” Dilemma

If you are going to surrender
your “unresolvable” dilemma
to the creative Spirit of God,
be prepared for
any number of surprises
and for a call to be God’s
co-creator in the working out
of the solution.

© 2016 Dennis Ference