I am a pilgrim, a sojourner using the written word as a staff to help me make my way. Merging Traffic will explore and share my vision of Life as a mysterious and magnificent interplay of recurring themes such as light and darkness, death and resurrection, unity and duality, the present and eternity, with Love the suffusing energy connecting all.  Join me as I share that vision in Merging Traffic.

124 thoughts on “About

  1. Dennis,
    I’m glad you like my blog. Right now, I’m on a road trip but will start writing again next week. I hope you look in again.
    Now I’ll check yours out’
    DD at ddseclecticinsights.com

    • Thanks so much Laine. I appreciate the invitation. At the moment I’m more than a little tied up with family happenings to give serious thought to the “Process Blog.” I did enjoy reading about YOU and YOUR writing process. Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll be learning more about you through your poetry. Peace.

    • Likewise, thank you for your “likes” and for the sharing so intimately in your blog. I believe we are all wounded in some way, and it lifts the burden just a bit to know that we are not alone in that reality. Peace.

  2. Hi Dennis ~ Thanks very much for following my blog, BalconyViewz and for reading and supporting my work. I do appreciate this.
    I’ll be interested to see how your new blog develops…your life via your poetry.

  3. Hi Dennis! Thank you for visiting and liking my post “Encouraging Words”. I’m looking forward to having a glimpse of your life through your poetry πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ With best wishes, Meliza

  4. Thanks Dennis for the support, quite a lovely blog you’ve got with nice poems…Am grateful for your comment and hope that you would take your time to visit my blog once again…peace and love

  5. Thanks for visiting and liking my Haiku. I’m a grandmother who has rediscovered my love of writing through my blog (which my eleven year old grandson taught me how to set up). My joy is discovering I love to write poetry for the fun of it and to speak my deepest feelings.

    • Glad to follow your blog. I enjoy your writing. I’m a grandfather who rediscovered how incredibly joyful and creative life can be through my relationship with my grandchildren. Peace.

  6. How nice to meet via the blogging world. Thank you for stopping by NSG. Sharing your gift of poetry with the everyone is a light that beams bright. Something to share with your grandchildren too as they dabble with words, meaning and life.

    • Thanks for commenting. Yours is a very creative approach to human spirituality. Love that. I’m sure that’s a great entry point for many. Peace and joyful writing. –Dennis

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  8. I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet but I will say that this is an interesting blog. My blog eventually became a poetry blog too. Feel free to have a look when you get the chance. πŸ™‚

    • Marlyn, I have enjoyed the works of your creative spirit for a while now. You are a very talented writer and artist. I thank you for the award nomination, but I have maintained an award-free blog from its inception. In addition, I have just recently begun to direct my creativity to my long enduring love for music, so I may or may not post to this blog in the future. I wish you continued inspiration, peace, and joy. ~Dennis

  9. It has been a while since I visited here. I enjoyed reading your poetry again very much. Thank you for continuing to share your words . Blessings — Laurie

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