When we are personally
pricked by the thorns
of suffering
that torture the world,
we are flashed
by the nakedness
of compassion
that alone has the power
to heal.

© 2018 Dennis Ference

My book of original inspirational verses, From the Water’s Edge, is available from, and Kindle eBooks at Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Suffering/Compassion

  1. I just read your earlier post. I’m so sorry to hear you have cancer Dennis. Such difficult news to accept and then face the treatment as well. May your writing help you express these deep feelings and guide you to find strength and courage through this journey. My thoughts will be with you and I will send you light and healing. As lonely as this journey can be, please know you are surrounded by love, guides and energy that can support you along the way. May you feel this each day. 🙏🏻

  2. It is wonderful to hear from you, Dennis. I am sending prayers and blessings for God’s healing love that most surely enfolds you. I pray that you find peace in the midst of all that you are going through. Love, Ina ❤

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