The Spirit said to me,

in the first instant of your being
I laid a burden on you,
which, if you now accept it
by the power of my grace,
can be for you as light
as a billowing cloud.

You see, I desire your arms
to be my arms, open
wide for all in need of
forgiveness and compassion.
your legs to be my legs,
carrying you to where
there is a need
for your special gifts.
your hands to be my hands,
creating beauty to inspire
and delight, your fingers
to be my fingers, pointing
to the paths of truth and
reconciliation, your heart
to be my heart, flowing
with love like a fountain
over a dry, brittle,
cynical world.

You, perhaps, are confused
that I call this burden light.
It can be light because
burdens are made heavy
by anxiety over control
and results. But I tell you
this day, that if you choose
to embrace this vision, control
and results will be mine to bear,
and you, my friend, can go forth
in peace.

© 2014 Dennis Ference


There have been days
when my joy would not
allow me to contain it—
to box it, bag it,
or put it out of sight
high on a shelf.
These were the big days,
of course: wedding, births,
hard-won achievements,
those assortment of firsts.
But there were also
the “little” moments,
difficult to name,
hard to describe,
moments of surprise,
or better, perhaps, awakening,
when all at once I had no doubt
I belonged here with all this,
that it was all okay, and
most wonderfully,
that I was now and forever loved.
These moments have been gentler
than the big ones that rattle,
and prattle and can’t sit still.
But, ah, these moments!
I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
And these moments…
are what I wish for you.

© 2018 Dennis Ference

You are old now…


Deep in the night
the Spirit said to me:

Yes, you are old now.
And your wholeness
is to be known
not in desperately
trying to remain young
but in discovering and being
this old self,
in its uniqueness and
continuity with all
that is and was
and is to come.
Accept this willingly
and a grace-filled peace
you have not yet known
shall be yours.

© 2015 Dennis Ference