…it’s killing you.

Deep in the night
the Spirit said to me:

Stop it! Just stop it!
Stop having to be right,
to be on top,
to be in control.
Stop trying
to have more things,
newer gadgets,
grander vacations,
and bigger houses.
Stop trying to please,
to be accepted,
to be respected,
and loved by all.
And for heaven’s sake,
stop trying to put me
in your back pocket.
I can give you
lots of reasons why
I’m telling you this,
but for tonight
I will only say this:
what you are doing
is insanity and
it’s killing you.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

14 thoughts on “…it’s killing you.

  1. This speaks volumes to me…as I have been realizing (again!) that it is my constant “striving” which is killing me. Being aware of this is a good start…but for some reason…it’s so hard-wired in my brain…that it is difficult to turn off.

    • I understand the battle you are engaged in, and it really is a battle. I have my own hard-wired habits of behavior to deal with and there is great suffering involved. Always remember you have an willing ear on this end if you need one.

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