Going to See God


I’m going to Illinois
to see God. Oh, I know
God is right here.
I know that as well as
I know my own name.
But sometimes I need
to have my vision refreshed,
my memory restored.
So I will look into the eyes
of my grandchildren
this weekend–the wonder,
the joy, the promise, the light–
and I will see God.

There is no other place
to meet God but here,
no other time but now.
I know that. Still,
sometimes we all need
to be refreshed.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

27 thoughts on “Going to See God

  1. A touching tribute to the wonder of your grandchildren – and a poignant reminder of how we refuse to see God wherever we are unless we are refreshed.

  2. So true – God shines out from the eyes of kids, when innocence has yet to be corrupted by desire greed and want – you said it, you want a glimpse of god to refresh look no where else – visit a child and immerse in his joy, curiosity, trust, love – bathe in that bliss and be with god – how fortunate are those who teach children – they experience that treasure for a humble salary – give that to me.

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