Only When


It seems it is only when
I feel profoundly alone
in suffocating darkness
that I begin to notice
faith’s tiny flickering
flame waiting to be fed
my usual doubts and fears
so it can blaze wildly
and light up the night.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

17 thoughts on “Only When

  1. This is marvelous and so true, Dennis. Feeding that flame our doubts moves mountains within, but it often takes that aloneness we too often avoid or fill with transient wanderings to bring us to the point where that little flame resolves into the urgency we need. Each of your poems sends my heart out through the back screen door, through the trees and down to the seashore, where it can be alone with distance, to give thanks…


    • Is that a metaphorical seashore or a real one? I never know with you and that is usually ok, but if its real I’m feeling a little envious. I could use a little seashore tonight. Peace, brother.

      • Metaphorical… 🙂 I do have sea within driving distance, but not so close as a screen door’s creaking swivel. I can light a birthday candle and sit beside the birdbath in the back yard if the need gets too bad… Sending you some metaphorical sea air and the soothing sound of waves, Dennis!

        Peace to you also–

      • The temptation to go on a playful metaphorical binge of imagery is pretty strong right now, but I’m gonna overcome that and just enjoy the sound of the waves. Swushhh! 😎

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