20 thoughts on “Certain Death

  1. As Peter responded to Jesus, “To whom (else) shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” We will indeed die; hence, if we *can’t* trust God, we’re in big trouble!

  2. Thank you for this reflective moment Dennis 💛
    I too have stepped back for a while and am feeling ready to recommit to bringing what is needed more and more. Peace to you 🙏

  3. I lost my son recently and I have asked that question “Can I trust God?”
    It’s been hard because I prayed for him for many years.
    I can trust God to be there for me when I am at my very lowest ebb, because He is closer than my skin right now.
    Someone told me that God wouldn’t have taken my son back if he hadn’t finished his work here on Earth, so I trust that this is God’s will and that my son has gone home. Does this make any sense?

    • Ally, I think we are all works in progress, and we must search over and over for what helps us experience peace and acceptance at different stages in our life and after different experiences. These helpful “answers” can change and move us into an ever deeper relationship with God. Not having air-tight answers is ok and is the garden in which we must plant our trust. Condolences to you, Ally, and peace.

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