If we choose to live
the deaths of our lives,
small and large,
if we are present to them,
breathe into them,
not gorging on nor eschewing
our suffering and tears,
they may become our teachers
and reveal themselves to be
part of the great work
of transformation which unveils
   the mystery
of our true self in God.

© 2015 Dennis Ference
Photo by Anna Eastland

14 thoughts on “Deaths

  1. Hi Dennis,
    That was such a poignant poem, especially for me, having just written about the anniversary of my daughter’s death.
    I’m wondering if there was a little mix-up with the photo, though, as it’s one I took months ago and posted on my blog in February with the poem you so kindly reposted. Perhaps it got mixed up in your saved photos, and you assumed it was Lily’s?

    I’m totally happy for you to use the photo, and glad you like it…but it would be super to be credited for it.
    Thank you so much, Dennis! Have a lovely weekend!
    God bless,

    • Wow, Anna. I am completely confused about how your picture got mixed in with my granddaughter’s. I don’t have the slightest recollection of copying and saving it but I can assure you my inclusion of it today was totally unintentional. So, do you want me simply to say photo by Anna Eastland? Do you want a copyright notice and date as I note for Lily’s pictures? I’ll make the change as soon as I hear from you. Again, apologies and I’m scratching my head.

    • I already noted “photo by Anna Eastland.” If you want a copyright notice let me know and I’ll add it. It is a lovely pic. Thanks for your patience with this. Peace! ~Dennis

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