Writers, go to the well…

Writers, go to the well
of your creativity
regularly and often,
or it may dry up
and leave you
with a heavy sadness
secretly pressing down
upon your heart.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

14 thoughts on “Writers, go to the well…

    • Yes, I have read it, Anna, and I agree that it is wonderful. Full of inspiration for the artist and anyone who looks upon life as a creative endeavor. Have a lovely day. ~Dennis

  1. Several friends and I “did” The Artist’s way together a few years ago. I enjoyed it but find doing Word Press Writing 101 propelled me into writing regularly. I don’t write everyday now and am always happy to find that my writing voice awaits me when I sit at my computer and begin to write. I would be forlorn if it left me.

    • Sometimes it’s a fine line between being a slave to something and making oneself available. I used to designate certain times as writing times and I eventually found that inspiration came when and where it came. Becoming comfortable with that for me was an essential part of my evolving spirituality. So I try to remember to carry a little recorder with me to save creative “comings” into my consciousness. Thanks for sharing. Peace! ~Dennis

      • Writing is a metaphor for my spirituality I am discovering. Trusting this gift I have only recently received (though I’m sure it had been awaiting me for a while) has opened me up to living into possibilities I had not considered. I am in awe that my words spoken into the blogging world without benefit of networking or social media find readers and responses. I am being created anew.

      • I can surely identify with that including that wonderful last sentence: “I am being created anew.” How marvelous is that!!! Peace! ~Dennis

  2. So true. And good advice about allowing your writing style to be what it is and experiencing it as an evolving spirituality

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