39 thoughts on “Spiritual Question

      • His poem Journey is in a little book called The House of Belonging published in 1998. I’m glad you like David Whyte’s poetry. I was struck to learn that he went to corporate boardrooms to introduce poetry to them.

      • Thanks much for the resource. I’m currently reading a more recent book of poetry by him. Don’t recall the title at the moment. Thanks again. ~Dennis

  1. Hands down, truth. We are distracted by the imagined need to define ourselves within one of those categories, that rarely do we even think to first, look within…..taught to look up, down, around, in circles, perpendicular…all ways, any way to distract you from the fact that unlocking within, leads to endless wealth possibilities for all..

  2. It’s been fascinating to me how lately, there seems to be a big shift from religious dogma to spiritual intuition.

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