8 thoughts on “Paradox

  1. This poem is excellent in the sense that is captures the duality of man perfectly. I enjoy how the poem paints humanity at its farthest and lowest limits; Dust, divinity, all, and nothing. I personally believe that Duality is an important value to understand since Labeling and Objective views are poisonous when attempting to comprehend things. I feel as though that this idea is reflected when you say “Enter in faith the deep waters of paradox and learn to breathe under water.” I interpret this as “we must dive into the understanding of our greatness and our nothingness, then we can fully excel”. Furthermore the visual presented reflects the poem very well. I assume that the visual is a Canadian lake which helps the theme of duality since that territory is typically very beautiful yet also extraordinarily deadly. This conveys the idea that anything has the capacity to exist on both ends of a spectrum at once. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this.

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