Do not desire suffering…

Do not desire suffering,
but treat it with humility and respect
when it appears at your door,
for it is a bearer of profound truth
and is able to share with you
transforming secrets
of wisdom and compassion.

© 2017 Dennis Ference

Beyond Thought

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Find Your Middle Ground

awareness Source: Denis Cherims-Coincidence

Realize deeply that you are beyond thought

You are not the thoughts you hear in your head

You are so much more

You are the awareness in which you perceive and see it all.

Listen closely without judgment

Step inwards and discover your Middle Ground

Dive deeper and find the peace that is waiting for you


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To Writers Everywhere

Do not withhold
your words from the world
out of pride or anxiety
or concern for success;
rather entrust them
to the winds of the universe
that the wings of the Spirit
may receive and enfold them
and carry them to those hearts
and minds that secretly wait for them
with unspoken need.

© 2015 Dennis Ference