Lightness of Being

Let the sum
of all the moments of love
you have ever known
strip you naked
of roles and titles
wounds and triumphs
and breathe you
into the singular
present moment
where nothing
can weigh you down,
where nothing exists
but the blissful
lightness of Being.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

28 thoughts on “Lightness of Being

  1. My dear friend Dennis! I saw your comment on my phone while I was visiting my Mom. So I went to your blog and I tried to read the poem out loud to her…I say tried because every time I started my voice choked up…tears welled in my eyes…and my heart beat loudly with love!!! On the fourth attempt I was able to read the whole poem and my Mom and I cried together. Thank you for touching my soul…thank you for your kindness. And thank you for the most beautiful gift…I will cherish forever!! ❤

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