To Writers Everywhere

Do not withhold
your words from the world
out of pride or anxiety
or concern for success;
rather entrust them
to the winds of the universe
that the wings of the Spirit
may receive and enfold them
and carry them to those hearts
and minds that secretly wait for them
with unspoken need.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

41 thoughts on “To Writers Everywhere

  1. Thank you Dennis for sharing. Truly one never knows how inspiring or motivational a blog can be. I have 63 pages and 206 post I set as private, in the moments before I were going to post. Always the thoughts that why would my musings be of interest to others. Yet, you inspire me… Simply with this post. Thank you!

    • At many points in my life I stopped writing. Eventually I would start up again with one project or another. I often thought of my brother when I would be conflicted over the purpose of my writing. My brother loved to fish. He could spend an entire day fishing without catching a single fish or even getting a bite and he would say he had a good time. He simply loved to fish. Of course he loved to catch fish, but the fishing itself had its own reward. Some of us have to write, to create. I hope you can love the writing itself and leave the rest to fate, to God, to the universe—whatever. I wish you peace. WRITE ON, fellow writer! ~Dennis

  2. Too fabulous! I’m going to post the new poem I just wrote right away!
    Words have such beauty and power….and like you say, we never know how they are going to touch someone who needs to hear exactly what we have to say!

  3. I have often thought a post wouldn’t be well received, only for it to become one of the higher viewed posts. I’m always surprised. Thanks for the confirmation.

    • I’ve had that same experience. Comes a time when we just have to put it out there, I guess. Writing is a gift that we need to share, I think, without over-thinking results. Peace! ~Dennis

  4. Well said, Dennis. In some way, every genuine effort to express and share what lies within matters. It is intended to be a flow I think, Love living through us. We are the conduit, its voice in the world…


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