In these later years I’ve tried
for a transparent relationship
with suffering—
surely I don’t desire it
nor do I yet fully accept it
but for now at least
I make an effort
to ride with it
without passing it on
to all who share my space.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

9 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. Dennis, I think this is amazing. Especially, “ride with it without passing it on to all who share my space.” Yes…I shall take this as much needed advice. Thank you my friend ❤

  2. NICE. It would be a MUCH different world if we would all show restraint in paying suffering forward, eh?

    Currently in my life, I’m learning the difference between pain and suffering. I just recently lost my mother, which was/is painful. How I choose to look at it, how I choose to let it affect me, is up to me and can increase or decrease my suffering. I don’t remember who said/wrote it but it goes along the lines of suffering being an emotional and mental response to pain, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

    • Thanks, Joseph, and I appreciate that quote. I’ve seen it many times before but also do not know its source. It certainly contains a lot of meaning. For me suffering is such an intimate thing, very personal and very much a part of my personal history and growth, but dealing with it is always a kind of wrestling match with many shifts of momentum. Definitely a great teacher of compassion and for many of us a great reminder of our shared humanity and our place in the whole of creation. Thanks again, Joseph. Condolences for your loss and I wish you peace! ~Dennis

    • Indeed, it can feel awfully lonely, at times. And yet I sometimes am comforted when a feeling surfaces that reminds me that I and my joys and sufferings are part of a larger whole. But most of us can’t hang on to that inspiration 24/7 so we have to forge ahead. I wish you peace for your journey. ~Dennis

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