Do not confuse
self-criticism with self-awareness.
They both may dare to engage the shadow,
but the former, if not tempered by love,
may fuel guilt and self-loathing.
The latter, a child of grace,
aids in our enlightenment
and the birth of compassion
for ourselves and others.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

9 thoughts on “Self-Awareness

  1. Personally I think one is or could be the consequence of the other, just seen from a different perspective. Self criticism may/can actually come from self awareness. The more you become aware of yourself the more critical you can become, but only because of expectations, our own and those belonging to society. But by being self aware, we develop the capacity to make a choice, and a choice can be to not be self critical and to move toward fixing whatever we are critical of ourselves about if we deem the need for it to be fixed.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful and very meaningful comment that gives a perspective well worth thinking about. Often, much has to do with the meaning we personally give to words and how they fit with our own lived experience. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. Peace! ~Dennis

  2. This year I have been focusing on creatinine a DAILY routine of mindfulness which includes meditation and yoga. Some days I find myself being too critical when I’m having a bad day. Once we decide to take full responsibility for our actions I feel we must find balance by reminding ourselves life is full of ups and down and even though we may be extremely self aware this does not make us invincible to bad times. Thoughts?

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