8 thoughts on “A Bigger Story

  1. Dennis, this is a different sort of comment. I am a new blogger and I can’t figure out how to get the spacing in my poems like you have done here. Every time I press enter for the next line of poetry, there is a large space between the lines. Do you have a different template that allows you to do this or am I just missing something? I’m using the Blaskan template.

    Also, excellent poetry. Simple, thoughtful, freeing

    • Hi Eric! Welcome to blogging. Look at the top right of the window space where you are writing your poem. Depending on which of two options you chose to get to that window you will either see two tabs marked “visual” and “text” or “visual” and “HTML.” Choose the “Text” or “HTML” tabs. In that setting your lines will come out spaced like you intend them to. If there is anything else I can help you with let me know. And thanks for the compliment and I hope your blogging experience is a good one. Peace! ~Dennis

  2. “surrender our brief lyric..” 🙂 There’s something so yes about that, if we do trust that we are part of a bigger and unending story! Just gorgeous, this.

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