21 thoughts on “Life Changing Decisions

  1. Dennis have you ever read Montgomery’s “Anne’s House of Dreams”? There’s a lovely retired ship captain called Captain Jim. He has this kind of calm vision that reads wisdom in nature. I just finished it again and loved it. Beautiful book about the first few years of marriage of Anne and Gilbert, and the last few years of Captain Jim, before he “crosses the bar.”

    • Oh so true. Perhaps that is why it is important to cultivate a place of inner calm that we can repeatedly go to during that time of turmoil when we feel the need to decide for wellness and wholeness. Of course, always easier said than done. I wish you wellness and wholeness always. ~Dennis

    • And sometimes its the tumultuous sea that inspires us to change. We realize we are grasping desperately at flying jib ropes and hauling with all our weight on the steering wheel and it is just not working. If we can’t change enough in that moment: if we dont have the knowledge or skill, we capsize. Then once rescued we’ll have the choice to give up or to learn from our mistakes and gain more skills and knowledge. We can choose to change our tactics. This is also why lending a hand to others in hard times is so important.

    • Every aphorism has a limp, as your reply would indicate. It serves its purpose best in the thought and need for clarification it may provoke. Thanks for your comment and may peace fill your day! ~Dennis

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