The “when” of it

how sadly misguided we are who stubbornly rummage
for the heat and spark of Life solely
in memories and anticipations,
for you and I can love
only now
only now
shed tears
only now
feel compassion
only now
only now
only now
be grateful
only now
only now
live and celebrate
the All of it
only now

© 2015 Dennis Ference

21 thoughts on “The “when” of it

  1. Reblogged this on Just East Of Crazy Land and commented:
    I love the short, insightful poems by Dennis Ference. He is a lovely peaceful man who reminds me a lot of my Dad! Hope you enjoy this one, and have fun exploring his blog if you’re searching for some new uplifting poems to read.

  2. So true, and yet, the resistance to presence persists! Perhaps it is our zealous reptilian brain, booted for survival, remembering the past (big lion in that valley) and future (don’t go there again!) that needs to be reined in and reprogrammed, so it stops looking for lions that don’t exist. 🙂

  3. Only Now is what is Now wanted.
    If not Only Now there shall be no past no future.
    It was Only Now that made us come so far.
    Only Now brings back the memories.
    Living in the Only Now is to be the Mantra.
    Only Now!!!

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