Present to Your Life


If you wish
to be present
to your life,
learn to be
present to your

© 2017 Dennis Ference

My book of original inspirational verses, From the Water’s Edge, is  available from, and Kindle eBooks at Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Present to Your Life

    • Thanks for your comment. Believe me, I anticipated that reaction and it gave me pause. But my words simply come from the conviction that suffering is a big part of life and that to be present to our life means we have to be present to all of it, becoming conscious of and accepting that suffering threads its way through all of life. Being present to it does not mean denying it or thinking it is “fun.” Being present to it with consciousness can help us to deal with it in meaningful and positive ways. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Peace!

  1. True… we can endure and grow, especially if we keep hope alive in our suffering… and then just maybe… something beautiful is formed in you… like a ruby that went through the most insane pressure to become what it is…

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