One Afternoon with Lily


One afternoon, she
named me “Popsidoodle,”
and I wondered out loud
where that had come from.
But she just giggled and
told me, “Hold still, Popsidoodle,”
’cause she had to put one more
barrette in my hair.

She’s my first grandchild, you know,
and I had long since forgotten
how to say “no” to big,
saucered, four-year-old eyes.

So I crawled under the table
about a dozen times that day and
dutifully whinnied while being
led from the “barn.” I consumed
scores of imaginary tacos,
drove a fleet of fanciful limos,
and surrendered meekly as she
dressed me again and again
in ways that would tickle a clown

And at afternoon’s end,
when I lifted her to my chest,
crooned a smokey version
of “Rubber Ducky”
and danced her to sleep,
I smiled and decided:
there must be a “Popsidoodle”
roosting somewhere
deep inside us all.

© 2006 Dennis Ference

39 thoughts on “One Afternoon with Lily

  1. Loved seeing these precious moments of yours. Today, my inner Poopsidoodle spent time on the beach sending rockets into the air, building sand castles with kelp drawbridges, playing triangle soccer, and barking with the sea lions. Fun days with grandchildren!

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  3. Such a beautiful and special relationship! A treasure that is locked inside your granddaughter’s heart. I have such a treasure, given long ago but never to be forgotten. It has made all the difference. You seem like a wonderful grandfather!

  4. This is so sweet! I’m going to send it to my dad who is a lovely patient and playful grandpa, too. This reminds me a bit of my poem “Late Night Waking.” I’ve got a saucer-eyed imaginative girls, too! 😉 they’re very persuasive…

  5. I love your Popsidoodle play.You are a dear granddad. My six grandchildren are in various stages of teenager-hood. I love seeing them growing each into a unique person. What a blessing.

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