If you are fortunate…


If you are fortunate,
you will have at least
one relationship
that is vexing and
totally perplexing.
It will haunt you
and taunt you
and remind you daily
that you are not as wise,
loving, and in control
as you think you are
or would like to be.
And every now and then
you will be reminded
that grace is free,
but flows through you,
not from you
since you are not
the center
of the universe.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

8 thoughts on “If you are fortunate…

  1. I love that – “grace is free” I have been working on that lately and finding that it is also freeing when it “flows through you”. I can so relate to your poetry, Dennis.

  2. Oh, Dennis! Such perfect words when I have relatives coming over today…and feeling more than a little inadequate over the messy house and many clear signs of imperfection! 😉 thanks for the reminder to get over it, as it’s not all about me…I pray I can be that humble channel of grace and warmth today…not as a source but simply a recipient of grace.
    Bless you for being open to the Spirit and sharing inspirations with us!

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