Blessed Christmas


To you is given the honor
of bestowing on the entire universe,
this Christmas season,
an awesome gift
of transforming power and grace:
simply open yourself consciously
to the Divine within
and let its Light
flow freely from you into all,
without judgement or discrimination,
through each thought and action
birthed in you by Love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

Writers, Honor Those Inspirations


Writers, choose to honor
even the smallest flickers
of visiting inspiration.
They are graceful reminders
of your unseverable ties
to a vast, ever-expanding
and creating universe.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

With a Nod to Star Wars

video-game-1017856_1280~Ride together imagination’s golden rocket
and the universe can be your playground.~

Battle for the Universe

Like two frenzied birds winging
madly from wire to bush,
bush to tree, tree to window ledge,
never lighting long enough
to celebrate the sun or be blessed
by the rain—time too short, mission
too demanding: a rescue needed here,
an insurrection to quell there,
a flight to the neighboring galaxy
to stem the forces of darkness
closing in on all sides.

Each incurs wounds lethal
for the ordinary man, but these
are warriors of indomitable will;
these are heroes of mythic proportion;
this is a battle for the universe.

In the end, no final victory this day,
only a mother’s insistent dinner call,
a boy’s reluctant capitulation,
and a grandfather’s solemn
commitment to their noble cause.

© 2010 Dennis H.Ference