Prayer for Compassion for Others

scream-879491_1920Divine Spirit,
how easy it is for me
to get trapped in the maze
of my own sufferings
and the tangle
of my own concerns.

I wake up in the morning,
and I begin the stretch
through the usual stiffness
and expected aches and pains.
I go to bed at night
to recline with memories
of a past that I treasure
but that no longer can be.

And in between
I often stumble in the dark
of a self-absorption
firmly planted
behind a closed door.

But you have placed a light
deep in my spirit,
shining always outward
and not merely within.
It lights the faces
of my brothers and sisters,
exposing our oneness,
baring their need.

Help me, Lord,
to move out
toward the other.
Help me, Lord,
to pry open my door.
Help me to do justice
and be compassion.
Help me, Lord,
Help me.

Adapted from Psalm Prayers for Seniors,
by Merging Traffic blog author Dennis Ference,
© 2000 Liguori Publications. Available from Liguori,
Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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