Darkness and Trust

Sometimes, Lord,
in the dark of the night,
I am brought especially low
by the hurts and losses
and the burdens of these days.

I wonder where you are,
and I wonder how it can be
that your children
should suffer
and know such distress.

My mind is rattled
by thoughts and worries
that question your love
and puzzle over promises
on which I depend,

Then, in the whispers
of the past, I remember
how you broke the silence
to light the dark,
to guide me through danger,
and to calm my fear.

And as the morning dawns,
I choose to go on,
trusting in you and praising
   your name,
placing my future under your care,
setting my life firmly in
   your hands.

Adapted from Psalm Prayers for Seniors,
by Merging Traffic blog author Dennis Ference,
© 2000 Liguori Publications. Available from Liguori,
Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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