Things seem simpler now

in my seventh decade:
truth flows more fluently
into beauty
beauty into compassion
compassion flows
into being
into presence and
the oneness
that is
the fullness
out of which we all
to which we all

Things seem simpler now.

Β© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted without pic 9/22/14.)

26 thoughts on “Now

  1. I love your poem, it flows, like the river of time, it is so beautiully written and profound!! I’m only in my… fourth decade but I absolutely love to get older. I feel the same, but of course I have still to wait before being as wise as you are!!! Have a nice week and MERCI πŸ™‚

  2. Alas one gets lonelier as the seventh decade passes and friends and relatives have preceded one – as they say more on the other side than here – yet the time made available should be traesured to peer into those areas we never visited before – more and more one must learn to live with oneself – the rest can be a repetion of wasted time. nice poem thanks, most encouraging.

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