I Sat with the Spirit


So I sat with the Spirit
and gave her the news
that I was prepared
to surrender all
to whatever was the plan.
I would build hospitals and churches,
give retreats and missions,
write books and play music.
I would start movements, teach others,
and yes I was ready
to reform the world—
nothing was too grand
for an enthusiasm like mine.

There was a long silence then
until these words
came humming into my heart:
Are you available
to live fully this moment
you have been given?
When I paused to consider,
the moment was gone.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

8 thoughts on “I Sat with the Spirit

  1. A practical application. My knee hurts a lot when I walk. How long can I make it living on my own? Will my money last? I did not ask these questions five years ago. It makes less sense to ask them now. The only sensible answer is live in the now and leave the rest to faith.

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