I surrender

I surrender
my gifts and talents to God
and God smiles and waits.

I surrender
my thoughts and doings to God
and God smiles and waits.

I surrender
my relationships to God
and again God smiles and waits.

I surrender
my health and well-being to God
and still the smile, the waiting.

I surrender
my prayer in silence to God
and even yet the smiling and waiting.

Finally in my poverty
I surrender my heart to God
and there at last is God and my true self
smiling together in peace and love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

Go with the Flow


Go with the flow, she said.
Gently temper the rush
to compare, calculate,
measure, and weigh.

Take courage and trust
in the flow, she said.
It will take you to the place
your heart needs to go.

© 2014 Dennis Ference
(First posted without pic 7/30/14.)

Rhett (R.I.P. ~ 7/28/15)

(For many, the love of a pet lights
a pathway to the Spirit. For that and all
you have meant to your family, Rhett,
thank you and rest in peace!)

He didn’t really like dogs—
at least that’s what he always
insisted to anyone who cared
to listen. Yet when his son’s
mutt would stand before him,
staring with black marble eyes,
tongue loosely flapping
with canine shivers, he never failed
to rub the dog’s head, stroke
under his jaw, pat his side,
scratch behind his ear.
And once in awhile when no one
was paying attention, and Rhett
lay some feet away, the old man would
softly snap his fingers, hand nearly
brushing the floor, and the dog
would come sit by his side
and patiently wait for him
to renew their tenuous affair.

© 2006 Dennis Ference
(Poem first posted 8/4/14.)