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If you are as displeased with the latest format of the WordPress “Reader” as I am and as I have discovered others to be I urge you to inform WordPress of your discontent. I am especially unhappy about how the Reader presents some material written in poetic form. They need our feedback.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers

    • Thanks for responding. I’m going to keep on complaining as I hope others will do. Indeed, shame on them. We certainly deserve a solicitation of our feedback when major changes are made.

      • I completely agree. Unless others speak out, I think those of us who are, are falling on deaf ears, It almost reminds me of Facebook, changes made in the night when no one is around. A royal pain in the butt.

  1. I’m still having trouble posting my poems as well…the line spacing is all messed up and changes between writing and publishing…crummy as the visual and spacing are essential parts of poetry. I will email them, too.

    • I’ve communicated with them back and forth a number of times and I am satisfied now that they are aware of the problem for poets. They have assured me that putting in a fix is on their agenda and that they will get to it “soon.” I made a lot of noise but input from others wouldn’t hurt.

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