Judging and Grace

If I believe
I never judge others,
I am sorely in need
of a reality check.
If I admit a leaning
toward judgement
I have dipped a toe
in the the waters
of transforming grace.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

11 thoughts on “Judging and Grace

    • It’s my contention, Phil, that the freedom to admit our human frailties comes from grace and is an important step in surrendering to the workings of transformation of the Divine Presence within. Thanks for the caution and peace, love, and joy to you. ~Dennis

      • Good morning Dennis. Yes I would 100% agree when it comes to ourselves. But I think we need to be careful judging others who may just be different than us. I know these are only a few lines, it is difficult to go into detail, but I read it more as judging others than ourselves, and that may have been an incorrect reading. Peace and love to you Dennis and believe it or not, some areas in NY are getting some snow flakes!

      • Boy there are so many reasons I’m glad I don’t live in NY. Almost every year weather seems to arise as one of them. You are right about the limitations of few words. I don’t think we disagree and I’m not saying it’s ok to judge others. In a nutshell (again, a few words) I was speaking about being honest with ourselves: in this case, admitting that we all judge others often. Being honest with ourselves is the first step in the transformation process that can loosen the grip that the need to judge others in order to boost our own egos holds on us. Too bad there isn’t a real spring yet to inspire us with a sign of that transformation. Have a great day, warm or cold as it may be. ~Dennis

      • Ok Dennis, thanks for getting back to me. Yes I agree with what you are saying. And it is difficult to express complex thoughts in only a few lines of a poem. But that is what makes a poem a poem. And quite frankly I probably would not read a long piece of prose. So your poem brought forth discussion which is great! BTW I love living in NY, but this winter was one for the history books, literally. Have a great day, spring is coming!

    • Yes, indeed, we are all human and “imperfect,” if you will, and so in need of grace for the freedom of which you speak which includes forgiveness or it isn’t truly freedom. Thank you for sharing. Have a grace-filled day! ~Dennis

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