Standing Naked

It is only when we have known
the limitations and guile of the ego
that we can stand naked in the Spirit
and open ourselves to the assistance
of divine inspiration and grace.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

5 thoughts on “Standing Naked

  1. So true, Dennis. You kind of have to catch yourself red-handed. To see where that path leads and realize you don’t want any part of it. Not even a little bit… 🙂


    • Just finished part 1 of “Disarmament.” Your blog and our comments back and forth have reminded me how limited this form of communication can be. I keep getting flashes of this treasure that remains just out of reach though I catch a glimpse of it here and there. It also is a reminder of the wondrous depths within everyone and how we usually just skirt the surface—that can even include our own depths. Well, Michael, let me just say you help me to keep “wondering,” and I am glad for that. Peace! ~Dennis

      • You made my night, Dennis. I felt the glimpse of treasure passing between us. Yes, we too often skirt the surface of even our own waters. There’s enough in there to be wondering about for quite some time– joyfully, and if you’re lucky, in the company of friends.


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